Holly Lean Bacon (Shoulder)


Dry cured to cook crisply and to taste the way bacon always used to taste. Delicious, and moorish, once a convert, nothing else tastes as good.

Comes as middle bacon, rindless middle bacon, shoulder or streaky in varying sized packs depending on the size of your crowd.

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Product Description

Using only 100% New Zealand Pig Care certified Pork.

Our shoulder bacon is premium whole muscle, lean bacon, excellent for those watching their diet or as a cooking ingredient in pies, casseroles or pasta dishes.

200g for two people, 400g for 4-6 people or 1kg to feed the whole gathering or separate and freeze for the most economical option.

Additional Information

Holly Lean Bacon

200g Lean Bacon Barn Raised, 1kg Lean Bacon Barn Raised, 1kg Lean Bacon Free Farmed


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